AAF Always And Forever

AKA As Known As

AMZ Amazing

ANY1 Anyone

ASAP As Soon As Possible

B4 Before

BF BoyFriend

BF4L Best Friend For Life

BRB Be Right Back

BTW By The Way

CML Call Me Later


DND Do Not Disturb

EOL End Of Lecture

F2F Face to Face

FFA Free For All

FYA For Your Amusement

FYE For Your Entertainment

FYI For Your Information

G2G Gotta Go

G2H Go To Hell

G4U Great For You

GBU, GBY Good Bless You

GF Girl Friend

HAND Have A Nice Day

HAY How Are You

IDC I Don’t Care

JAM Just A Minute

JK Just Kidding


KIT Keep In Touch

LIG Let It Go

LOL Laugh Out Loud

LYL Love You Lots

N2MU Nice To Meet You

NATO No Action Talk Only

NVM Never Mind

ORG Organization

PM Private Message

RU Are You?

ROFL Rolls On Floor Laugh

TOY Thinking Of You

UK Are You Okey

W/E What Ever