This is the holy month, Ramadhan. After so long past I didn’t write anything on my this sweety blog, whats up my blog! Absolutely I missed my blog but sometimes my time’s nothing for that but now i have a sway while say welcome to Idul Fitri and surely too the holiday. But, now the problem is my holiday only a week, can you imagine that when I want to go to my hometown and feel environment village, I must do mountain of my tasks at that same moment, so shit. By the way, do you know where am I writing this manuscript is? in my lovely campus and you guess what did happen just now? you won’t be able guess and feel it, LOL.

OK continue, see.. Yesterday, my subject was AIS (Accounting Information System) and the lecturer was Mr.Sambas , The killer lecturer. But eventhough like that, I love his style in teaching us, the system is nice although made us scare, oh I mean little afraid, haha. He always give us several advices every his lecture, and one of them there’s a advice that made me realized of my mistake all this time. He said like this, “empty barrel of a loud sound” that words aware me directly. I know that too many peoples show their excess without look their shortage, it’s bad. I won’t be hypocrite human, too many talking worthless even useless whereas actually I am nothing. Started to look in the mirror, who you are, shut your mouth and open your mind. Maybe, I may call that with The Blessing of Ramadhan, I don’t care you agree or not haha.

Once more of the blessing, several weeks ago I just attended a seminar, the more precisely was a astonishing seminar. The seminar by Mr. Danang Ambar Prabowo is really nice seminar I ever attended!!. Just in the opening, my tears have already fallen while I was hearing the flagship song, maybe the song title is “mother” that was sung by SEAMO if I am not wrong, hehe because I’ve been looking for it, but I haven’t got it yet. Whereas if you listening that song you would get incredible side effects, extraordinary spirit!!. That’s really really amazing!! begins with the admiration tears and ends with the spirit tears. Actually, I was included of lucky people because attended that amazing seminar, can I grateful? I’ve been endeavouring.

I go to end this writing because in a minute time to dzuhur, and still there’s a subject at 2.00 pm. Definitely I will attend it, I can’t possibly miss although I’m little lazy, haha. Alright, maybe I would fill this blog again in a spare time and my feel’s good. Ok, keep the smile. ^_^